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Our Earth Home Project is a Backpackers, camping facility and eco-farm that celebrates a mindful, alternate way of living. This beautiful smallholding is situated way up in the hills of Hogsback. We practice conscious sustainable living, in simple, creative, comfortable structures & are 100% off the grid. If you dream of revitalizing and relaxing way up in magnificent clouds, we welcome to Terra-Khaya
The Backpackers: Terra-Khaya offers a unique experience of sustainable living in stunning natural surroundings. We offer, comfy spacious double rooms, dorms, and a comfortable chill area, all built with recycled materials and natural recourses. Take a bath under the stars, enjoy delicious hearty food, relax in a hammock or give a hand on the farm. A sense of living guaranteed!
Chillington Farm: The farm is set on 38 acres in the Amathole Mountain region, with a wide array of friendly farm animals and lovable horses. Our water comes from our stream, heating and cooking is wood-powered and minor electrical appliances are run off solar. We produce our own dairy and various foodstuffs from the garden for the kitchen.
Amathole Horse Trails: Horses and riding is our passion and specialty; our 8 beautiful steeds and guide will take you on tailor-made excursions around the area. From short strolls into the village for lunch to overnight rides up into the surrounding mountains. Catering for all levels of rider, we endeavor to make your horseback fantasies come true!
There are many things to do in and around Hogsback such as, enjoying a picturesque 4x4 trail along the forested escarpment of the Amathole Mountain Range, discover countless breathtaking hikes through the mountains and forests that inspired JR Tolken, sundowners and snacks at a awe-inspiring panoramic site on the edge of middle earth or of course one of our truly unforgettable rides on amazingly friendly horsesw2. And that’s just the beginning!
Contact :: +27 82 8977503 Hogsback Eastern Cape 5721 South Africa | GPS Cordinates 32’34’50 26’54’44